Eva Mendes was with Ryan Gosling at the Oscars
Latin Times/Courtesy Eva Mendes/Instagram

MIAMI - Ryan Gosling brought his kenergy to the Oscars, taking the 96th Academy Awards by storm from the moment he walked the red carpet. His wife, Eva Mendes, wasn't by his side, but despite this the Latina artist and entrepreneur wasn't absent at all.

On the contrary, last night Mendes could have won the 'Best Supporting Wife from the Couch' award. While Gosling was busy being all shiny and Ken-like at the 2024 Oscars, Mendes was rocking the home front, proving you can totally do the whole glitz and glam thing in your PJs while tending to the kids and upping your game on social media.

Her Instagram posts said it all.

Let's set the stage: Ryan Gosling, Hollywood's resident dreamboat and now official Ken doll, was at the Oscars belting out "I'm Just Ken," stealing the ceremony from all the Oscar winners. Dressed in a suit that was pinker than all the Margo Robbie "Barbie" campaign attire together, Gosling was all kinds of suave and smooth, funny and professional, sexy and goofy.

The performance? A scene straight out of every Barbie fan's glitter-infused dream, complete with a posse of cowboy hat-wearing dancers, the four more important Kens from the movie, including Simu Liu and Kingsley Ben-Adir, composer Mark Ronson, Wolfgang Van Halen at the drums, and, wait for it... Slash! Yes, THE Slash, guitar solo and all.

Van Halen, the son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen, and Guns 'N' Roses Slash were part of the recording of the song.

The video of his performance reached the 1.5 million viewer mark on YouTube in a little more than 12 hours, and Canadian Gosling is being hailed as a "national treasure" by U.S. fans. If you pay attention to the end of the performance, he reaches for his pendant, which has an "E" for Eva engraved, and shows it to the camera.

KenEva Energy

Meanwhile, back at the Mendes-Gosling ranch, Eva was keeping it real as she took to Instagram, the modern-day equivalent of shouting from the rooftops, with a cheeky post: "You took Ken to the Oscars, RG. Now come home, we need to put the kids to bed."

The photo was obviously from her husband's dressing room. Mendes has on the pink blazer and a cowboy hat – a nod to her beau's on-stage attire. Award-winning wife material with KenEva energy!

This power couple's backstory? Co-starring in "The Place Beyond the Pines" in 2012 and basically deciding they were each other's favorite co-star. Fast forward to now, and they've got two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, who Gosling has said helped him with his Ken performance.

When Gosling started his "Barbie" publicity run, Mendes explained to fans on Instagram that "we don't do those kinds of things together," meaning the red carpets and the same type of events. The artist took mom Donna Gosling, sister Mandi Gosling, and stepdad Valerio Attanasio, to the Oscars instead.

Mendes did say that she would "love to act in a movie with him again." So maybe they will walk a red carpet together if it is a shared project.


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The takeaway here is that you don't need to walk the red carpet to steal the show. Sometimes, all you need is a good WiFi connection and a sense of humor. Eva Mendes, watching from home, reminds us that behind every pink-suited Ken, there's a Barbie, Cuban no less in her case, with a great sense of humor and killer Instagram game.

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