A Russian lady who claims to have trained as a spy alongside Vladimir Putin in the same military program has recounted how her seniors taught her to 'seduce' her targets.

7News said Aliia Roza was born in the USSR and was expected to enter the military like her father, a high-ranking military general.

She received spy training, ostensibly from the same people who trained Russian President Vladimir Putin, and compared the experience to the 2018 film Red Sparrow.

"I was trained in the same military program as Putin. We learned how to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation," she added.

Jennifer Lawrence played Dominika Egorova, a former dancer who joins a Russian intelligence program and begins to use her body as a weapon to capture a CIA operative.

Reports mention that she exploited sex to gain information from targets, including drug gangs and people traffickers, until her true identity was discovered in her final mission.

She explained: “I studied there and then I had a few missions to protect people and protect the country from drugs supplied from Afghanistan, and also stopping human trafficking in Russia.”

She attended the academy because of her family's background, but her situation forced her to flee the country.

However, she said that Vladimir Putin saved her life by preventing her execution by his comrades and that he paid for it with his own life.

She claims she went to Turkey after her partner advised her to leave Russia, then bounced about Europe until settling in Beverly Hills.

Roza, now 37, spoke of her time at her educational center. She learned how to woo men, mentally influence them, and get them to talk so spies could hand over information to the police.

She said her first mission was to impersonate a sex worker to 'go to a club and attract the leader of a criminal organization that was smuggling drugs into the country.

Roza claimed that at the age of 18, she was trained in seduction methods and gun and martial arts training and was transformed into the ideal soldier.

She added she was one of only a few women born in the Soviet Union who received the specialized training, which taught her how to manipulate and persuade her targets to reveal information using her appearance.

In an interview with the Sun, Aliia said: "Sexual education was really important because you have to be the best lover otherwise, how would you seduce?

"Or you would seduce, but then the sex process wouldn't be that great. Then your target is not yours, and you would not get any information, correct?"

"You would need to make this person not just be nice to you but also fall in love [to] give the information you want, because this person has to trust you."

She also believes that sex is the way to get someone's trust.

The mother of one is now speaking out after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine last month.

She said: “Mr. [Vladimir] Putin always wins; he can’t lose this war and back up, because it will damage his reputation. He will go till the end.”

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The Norwegian domestic security agency stated Tuesday that it had arrested a visiting academic researcher who entered the country as a Brazilian, on suspicion of being a Russian spy. Central Press/Getty Images

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