A man who purports to be a descendant of one of the "Three Stooges" has been arrested for perjury on Wednesday, Sept. 22, after it was learned that he fabricated evidence for a sexual assault lawsuit falsely filed against two Hollywood executives.

Self-proclaimed "it boy" and "Hollywood royalty" wannabe Rovier Carrington, a 32-year-old Californian resident, filed a lawsuit in 2018 claiming that the late Paramount executive Brad Grey and MTV head Brian Graden sexually assaulted him in 2010 while he was pitching a failed reality TV show and in 2015. The court has found these accusations to be false, according to the New York Daily News.

Carrington, who claims that Graden sexually assaulted him and blacklisted him from the Hollywood community after he refused his advances, has been taken into custody after evidence was found that he fabricated email exchanges that he sent as evidence to the court case, Law&Order reported.

“In some instances, Carrington invented the email exchanges entirely,” special agent Yves Hunziker said. “In other instances, Carrington altered existing email exchanges. Carrington then swore under penalty of perjury that he had not fraudulently altered or fabricated those email chains.”

Carrington claimed that, in pitching a reality show idea regarding his life in 2010, that one of the executives sexually assaulted him multiple times as he tried getting his show on the air and blacklisted him when he refused to be his “private boyfriend”.

Some of the emails were correspondence with an unnamed third-party person that supposedly proves the assault happened during the time frame stated. But an e-discovery vendor and a handful of search warrants have proven that the emails were not authentic.

Carrington faces up to five years in prison for perjury, and his case against Grey, who died in 2017, and Graden, who is still alive, has been dismissed by the court with an order to pay Grey and Graden $600,000 in legal fees as restitution, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A man who claims to be a descendant of a "Three Stooges" star has been arrested for perjury after fabricating evidence regarding a sexual assault. This is a representational image. Cameron Venti/Unsplash.

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