Because of her attractive looks, a female project manager in commercial construction in Michigan claims her male peers don't take her seriously.

Autumn Westfall described her unusual experiences as a woman in a male-dominated workplace on Tiktok (via

"It's 100% true that pretty privilege does exist and yes it is absolutely rude how when people find you attractive they are generally just nice to you for that reason and that reason only," she explained to her 13.1k TikTok followers.

"I swear the logic is if you are pretty, you have nice hair, you have your makeup done, you have a nice outfit, you possibly could not be in a power position or have any intelligence whatsoever."

She claims to work as a construction manager on multimillion-dollar projects. Westfall also could not express how amusing it is to have her emails ignored. According to her, people talk to her male coworker as if she was just there to serve them.

"So yes, while pretty privilege is a thing, it can be switched in the opposite direction," she added.

She faintly recalled (per Perth Now) several of the comments about how, in a male-dominated profession, women can be the ones who are disrespectful to other women in authority positions.

Ladbible said another woman scolded Westfall for wearing 'inappropriate' workplace gear despite wearing jeans, boots, and a normal-looking blouse underneath her high-vis vest every day.

“So basically a little bit of a rundown, I am in construction management and I made a video about pretty privilege and how it can be flipped completely the opposite way whenever you are a woman in a male-dominated industry,” she said.

People likewise accused Westfall of sleeping her way up the corporate ladder. She also heard rumors about her, saying that someone so attractive could never have a high-ranking position in the construction sector.

According to Westfall, she chose a job with its own set of gender standards, which has provided her with many anecdotes to tell on the platform.

Westfall balances her busy profession, caring for her two young girls, and working as a curve model for Directions U.S.A. Models, a North Carolina-based Powerhouse Modeling Agency. With the support of her sidekick, Hunter, she can do all of her tasks.

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