A man from Perth, Scotland found himself with full facial and body burns on Tuesday after an egg he was poaching in a microwave exploded all over his body in a freak accident that left him wounded and needing to go to the emergency room.

Gary McDougall, 40 years old, was poaching an egg in his microwave so that he could make a quick snack for himself when tragedy struck. He claims to have done this cooking hack more than "100 million times" before without incident, but that this specific instance had painful consequences, the New York Post reported.

“You boil the kettle, fill an ordinary teacup halfway up with water and then crack the egg into the cup,” he said, describing his process of creating poached eggs. “You then put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and voila, one poached egg.”

Unfortunately, during one of the attempts, as he tried to scoop the egg out of the cup, the orb exploded, causing scalding hot water from the cup to squirt all across his body. The water hit him in the face as well as his body, and he found himself in pain and unable to open his right eye, according to Deadline News.

“When I took it out of the microwave and placed the soup spoon in the cup to fish the egg out, the egg popped and the boiling water exploded all over my face and chest leaving severe burns,” he said, describing the incident.

He quickly took himself to the closest emergency room to get checked. He is currently recovering from the incident. The burns on his face are largely concentrated on his right eye, with some of the burns being found on his nose and forehead.

To commemorate the event, he recorded a TikTok video explaining his experiences and warning people to be more careful of how they handle the poached egg when they use the microwave.

“Just be careful if that’s what you do because sometimes it goes wrong. Be careful alright, don’t poach eggs in the microwave,” he said in the video.

The TikTok video has been seen 650,000 times and has received thousands of likes from many users.

A man from Scotland found himself in the burning end of hot water after an egg he poached in a microwave exploded on his face, causing him burns on his right eye and belly. This is a representational image. Seriously Low Carb/Unsplash.

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