Fernando Colunga has always been discreet about his personal life. As one of telenovelas most sought out heartthrobs. fans always question if he is in a relationship. The last woman that he was linked to was Blanca Soto, when they both starred in "Porque El Amor Manda." They both have not been seen publicly together, nor have ever acknowledged a relationship. Colunga's sexuality has always been cause of speculation as he keeps mum of his private life.

This week "Suelta La Sopa" caught Colunga and Soto kissing. In a video release on the Telemundo gossip show Colunga is seen wearing sweatpants and getting off the vehicle at the airport in Miami. When het exited, he made sure to open the door for Soto, who was in the back seat, and open the back door to get her luggage out. As Blanca got her suitcases, Colunga reached for her, putting his arm around her waist. They both kissed goodbye. This action has fueled speculation that they are both still in a heated relationship.

However, that farewell kiss did not look romantic. Plus the kiss looked like it was on the cheek and they both didn't seem to lock lips at all. We are not entirely convinced they are even dating, let alone that Blanca would become Fernando's wife. A reporter for the entertainment program caught up with the "Señora Acero" star as she arrived in Mexico and questioned her about the kiss. Blanca also kept quiet about the incident and said that everything was news to her. She didn't confirm or deny anything, instead sent her best to her fans. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!