Fernando Colunga Snub
Fernando Colunga appears to have been snubbed by Mario Bautista at Premios TVyNovelas 2016. Watch moment here! Televisa

All telenovela lovers can spot Fernando Colunga from a mile away. The "Pasión y Poder" star is emblematic and has been part of highly succesful productions like "María La Del Barrio," "Abrázame Muy Fuerte," "Amor Real," "La Usurpadora" and many more. If you are a reporter, covering an event like Premios TVyNovelas 2016, you better know who the big stars are. That is why the following incident seems a little odd for us. Mario Bautista, a singer who has amassed popularity on social media, was doing some kind of reporting from the event in Acapulco. The young man approached Colunga and Sebastián Rulli who were sitting next to each other.

"El grande Rulli," Bautista said as he walked over. He then goes over Colunga, completely ignoring him and goes over him to interview the "Tres Veces Ana" star. Fernando, seemingly annoyed, frowns and pushes him out of the way and leaves the situation. What is this? Was Mario snubbing Colunga on purpose? Is this the reaction he wanted to create a viral moment? He might be young, but we doubt he doesn't know who Fernando Colunga is. As he mentioned before, he is an emblematic figure in the industry and everyone knows him if you watched his work or not. Watch the video with the moment (down below) and tell us what you think in the comment section!

Fernando Colunga had a great night at Premios TVyNovelas 2016 as he picked up the trophy for Best Male Antagonist for his work on "Pasión y Poder." Colunga gives life to Eladio, an attractive man with a fierce and determined personality. He is a business genius, but a chauvinist with Julia, his wife, whom he loves but hasn’t managed to make her love him back. Ever since he was young, he holds a deep grudge against Julia’s former fiancé, Arturo Montenegro, whom he wants to destroy at all costs. He has two children: David, for whom he suspects Julia cheated on him with Arturo, and Franco, fruit of an affair he had with Caridad and whom he denies despite of their similarities.

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