Univision aired Premios TVyNovelas 2016 tonight. Although we were not too happy that the Spanish-language network made cuts to the show, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the biggest names in telenovelas all under one roof. The celebration was a tad different this year. Organizers gave back the power to the fans, the people that watch telenovelas nightly. Viewers voted online for their favorites in a multitude of categories like Best Telenovela, Best Actress, Best Male Antagonist and Best Male Revelation.

In the past, a panel of judges voted for the winners during the live event. The panel was composed of pre-selected experts, like critics, producers, writers, radio and television personalities. They voted in each category for the most deserving winner. With this year's edition, all of that is gone and fans had complete control. There were some serious surprises and some that were more than obvious with those celebrities who have a huge online following.

Throughout the night we tweeted the event live and have compiled a list of the Best and Worst moments from Premios TVyNovelas 2016. Read it down below and tell us if you agree or disagree!

1. Whoever was the person that came up with pairing Marjorie De Sousa and Gabriel Soto together is brilliant. It made us want to tune in to see how they interacted with each other after the controversy between them and the akwwardness that ensued. (BEST)

2. Maite Perroni presenting the first award of the night with Diego Covarrubias was amazing. We think they would make a great telenovela couple. (BEST)

3. Brandon Peniche winning for a telenovela where he was only in 1 episode? (WORST)

4. Pablo Lyle giving it his best at presenting even though he sounded horrible? (BEST)

5. We loved Wendy Gonzalez on "Antes Muerta Que Lichita." (BEST)

6. The comedian trio dressed as TVyNovelas readers was a funny bit. (BEST)

7. Adal Ramones "falling" on Sebastián Rulli's lap, next to Angelique Boyer... (BEST)

8. Fernando Colunga at Premios TVyNovelas 2016? It doesn't get any better than that! (BEST)

9. All Marjorie De Sousa's outfit changes. (BEST)

10. Jesse & Joy singing with Alejandro Sanz (BEST)

11. Joy of Jesse & Joy and J Balvin presenting an award. (BEST)

12. Alejandro Sanz winning for Best Theme Song. (BEST)

13. Brandon Peniche's face. (BEST)

14. Love Ela Velden, but not sure about her winning this award. (WORST)

15. Ferdinando Valencia in a blue suit? (WORST)

16. Fabiola Guajardo winning anything is always... (BEST)

17. "Pasión y Poder" winning Best Telenovela Cast? Well the cast is actually good, so... (BEST)

18. Arturo Peniche winning an award. (BEST)

19. Listening to Pitbull, but him not being there equals... (WORST)

20. A David Zepeda, Zuria Vega telenovela pairing? (BEST)

21. Juan Pablo Minor winning an acting award? Good lucking guy, but still needs work on the acting department. (WORST)

22. Susana Gonzalez winning for a telenovela she was not from beginning to end. (WORST)

23. Fernando Colunga winning for Male Antagonist when he wasn't really a villain. (WORST)

24. Chantal Andere is always BEST in our books.

25. Laura Carmine winning for Best Female Antagonist. (BEST)

26. Laura Carmine kissing her younger boyfriend when she won. (BEST)

27. Angelique Boyer! (BEST)

28. Pablo Lyle winning over Jorge Salinas? (WORST)

29. Jorge Salinas being a good sport after losing. (BEST)

30. Maite Perroni winning for her role on Lichita. (BEST)

31. Sebastian Rulli and Maite Perroni on stage together. (BEST)

32. Omar Chaparro as Lichita. (BEST)

33. Galilea Montijo anything. (BEST)

34. "Pasión y Poder" winning as Best Telenovela? (WORST)

35. Premios TVyNovelas 2016 ending. (WORST) We would've liked it if it never ended, but then when would they make new telenovelas. We change our minds then... BEST.