Latino viewers were able to watch Premios TVyNovelas 2016 Saturday night. It was an evening to celebrate the best in telenovelas, to see what the actores and actresses wore and to enjoy the performances from the musical acts. That wasn't the case as Univision made some gross cuts to the original show and we only saw part of it. The Spanish-language network aired 6 days after the live telecast from Acapulco. The original broadcast from Televisa lasted about 3 hours, but stateside it was compressed to only 2 hours. Many of the categories, winners and performers were edited out from the show to allow to fit into the reduced time frame.

One major edit was Maite Perroni's tribute to those stars that have passed away. The "Antes Muerta Que Lichita" actress had the honor of being part of the touching tribute for all the stars that have passed away. Perroni performed a song called "Yo Te Extrañaré." Although there were some tuning errors that were very apparent, it was her passion that delived a moment we all remembered.

As the award show on Univision aired, we monitored social media and Perroni fans were not happy that their diva was left on the cutting room floor. They found it disrespectful that she was announced to appear at the event and all of her interventions were not shown. You can see what the network cut from the original broadcast here. Read reactions of viewers down below and tell us what you think!