Premios TVyNovelas 2016 Univision
Univision aired Premios TVyNovelas 2016, but they cut many awards and performances. Find out what the Spanish-language network didn't want you to see here! Univision

Univision aired Premios TVyNovelas 2016 tonight, 6 days after the live telecast from Acapulco. The original broadcast from Televisa lasted about 3 hours, but stateside it was compressed to only 2 hours. What does that mean? That a lot of the show was edited and many things were left on the cutting room floor. The main categories remained intact, but a lot of the categories were left unannounced. Viewers saw a Legendary Actor take home an award but were not treated to see who the female counterpart won in that same category. Lucky for all of you that we saw the original show and were able to compile a list of everything that was edited out. Read the list down below and tell us if you would've liked to have seen it on Univision!


1. The exchange between Marjorie De Sousa and Gabriel Soto at the beginning of the show talking about the controversy. Instead, they aired the bit during their gossip show "Sal y Pimienta." You can watch the video here.

2. The winner of Best Young Entertainment Show which went to "Me Caigo De Risa." To be fair, this show doesn't air on the US, so the audience doesn't know what it is, but Fey and Lenny De La Rosa presented the accolade and we missed out.

3. The winner of Best Standalone Show for "Como Dice El Dicho," which is a show that the network airs.

4. Best Cable Show winner for "Está Cañón" was edited it out, which airs on Galavision.

5-9. There was a string of categories that were cut out from the original event like the winners for Best Game Show, Best Screenplay/Adaptation, Best Camera Director, Best Multi-Platform Telenovela and Best Director. You can see all the winners here.

10. Alejandro Sanz performed a second song that was also edited out.

11. Best Actor Revelation for José Carlos Farrera was edited out for the telenovela "La Sombra Del Pasado" that aired in primetime.

12. The winner for Best Supporting Actor was cut out where "La Vecina's" Pierre Angelo took the trophy.

13. Leticia Calderón is a legend and her award as Best Legendary Actress didn't make the Univision broadcast. How could they do this? Her win was for "A Que No Me Dejas," which is a telenovela that hasn't aired on the Spanish-language network. We could've given them the benefit of the doubt if that was their answer, but Arturo Peniche won for that same production and his acceptance was broadcasted.

14. Maite Perroni's performance also didn't make the Univision cut. She sang to all the stars that passed away. Not only did we not get to see Perroni, but we didn't remember any of those telenovela actors that are now gone. Extremely disrespectful. You can watch the tribute here.

15. Most of Marjorie De Sousa and Gabriel Soto's interventions were left on the cutting room floor. Fine, they weren't great, but we didn't get to enjoy Marjorie's fashion. Lucky for you that we compiled all the outfits she wore during the original broadcast, which you can see here.

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