Latin Grammys 2024 in Miami
Alicia Civita

MIAMI - Buzzing with excitement and ready to take on all kinds of preparations, Miami announced today that it will host the 25th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, marking the return to where it all began.

According to the founders and key figures in the Latin music industry, this homecoming not only symbolizes a celebration of the awards' history but also underscores Miami's status as the global hub for Latin music.

Emilio Estefan, widely regarded as the father of the Latin Recording Academy, expressed his enthusiasm about the event's return to Miami, where the first ceremony took place in 2000.

"Having the Latin Grammys back in Miami is like a dream," Estefan told the Latin Times. He recalled the initial challenges in establishing the Academy, emphasizing the intense efforts required to fundraise and secure support in a predominantly English-speaking business environment.

"We've been fighting for seven years to bring it back here, and we've finally succeeded," Estefan added, highlighting the significance of celebrating the journey and growth of Latin music during this milestone event.

Manuel Abud, President of the Academy of Latin Music, echoed Estefan's sentiments, noting that since their inception, the Latin Grammys, based in Miami, have served as an international benchmark for Latin music, featuring iconic performances that have left a lasting mark on both music and popular culture.

Manuel Abud president Latin Grammys
Alicia Civita

"Throughout these 25 years, Latin music has seen exponential growth and has become a global phenomenon, with Miami at its epicenter," Abud stated to the Latin Times.

Daniella Levine-Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, shared the local government's preparations for the event, focusing on logistics such as traffic management and security to ensure a smooth experience for the hundreds of musicians and industry professionals expected to attend. "Miami is the Latin music capital of the world, and it was time for the awards to return home," Levine-Cava said.

When and where will the 2024 Latin Grammys take place?

Stars like Christian Nodal, Kany García, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Willy Chirinos, Diego Torres, Gusi, Aymée Nuviola, Paula Arenas and more were in the audience during the announcement to express their support.

Christian Nodal and Kany García at the Latin Grammys
Alicia Civita

The ceremony is set to take place on November 14th at the Kaseya Center. David Whitaker, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, detailed the involvement of major hotels and entertainment venues across the city, all geared up to accommodate the various events surrounding the awards.

TelevisaUnivision will broadcast the three hour ceremony, with a previous hour from the red carpet.

Reflecting on the recent Latin Grammy ceremony in Sevilla, Spain, Abud shared insights on the benefits of hosting the event in a city that fully embraces its artists and music culture. He noted that while the experience in Sevilla was enlightening, the heart and soul of Latin music remain firmly rooted in Miami.

"This return is informed by the lessons we've learned from previous ceremonies, particularly last year's in Sevilla. We saw how a city could rally to celebrate our artists and music, and we plan to replicate that here," he explained. However, Sevilla will still be involved.

La semana de la música latina

The 2024 Latin Grammy Week will kick off on November 11, featuring an array of events designed to showcase emerging talent and honor established artists of Latin music. Among them are the 'Leading Ladies of Entertainment' award, recognizing significant contributions by women in Latin music, and the 'Best New Artist Showcase,' which highlights the most promising newcomers.

The nomination announcements are scheduled for September 17, with the nomination period already underway and set to close at the end of May. The first round of voting will start on July 24, paving the way for what promises to be a historic celebration of Latin music in its original home.

New categories and changes

"To reflect the evolving landscape of Latin music, "The Latin Recording Academy has introduced a new Electronic Music Field, highlighting a category for Best Latin Electronic Music Performance tailored for singles and tracks, and a Best Contemporary Mexican Music Album Category in the Regional-Mexican Field for albums majorly featuring new material while retaining the core of Regional Mexican Music genres.

Further adjustments include a renaming in the Portuguese Language Field to encompass Música Popular Brasileira and Afro-Portuguese-Brazilian Music, a refined definition for the Best Singer-Songwriter Song category, an update to the Best Long Form Music Video criteria allowing for shorter videos, and a new nominations protocol based on entry numbers, aiming to enhance the representation and recognition of diverse Latin music genres.

"It's all about the artists and the music," said Abud. That's another reason why they decided to come back to Miami. "This is home.".

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