Shakira at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Week in October
Shakira at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Week in October AFP

This week, Seville, drew the eyes and ears of millions around the world as the 2023 Latin Grammys were held in this Spanish city. Karol G, Shakira and Natalia Lafourcarde were the top winners.

For his part, Mexican journalist Leon Krauze fed farewell to Univision, ending a 13-year-long tenure as anchor for the Spanish-language TV network.

In another top story of the week, we reported on how Hispanics are underrepresented in clinical trials in the U.S.

It was a great night for Colombian artists in Sevilla as Karol G and Shakira dominated the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards with each taking home three trophies.

Karol G won the top award, Album of the Year, with "Mañana será bonito," with which she also won in the Best Urban Music Album. The Colombian topped her winnings with an award for Best Urban Fusion/Performance for "Tqg", featuring Shakira.

León Krauze, an anchor with the top Spanish language TV network in the U.S. announced his tenure with the company ended Monday after 13 years.

"Yesterday (Nov 15), after thirteen rewarding years, my journey with Univision Noticias concluded," Krauze said in a post on X. "My unwavering commitment, past, present, and future, is to journalism that amplifies the voices and illuminates the stories of those who so often go unheard and unseen."

Even though Hispanics and Latinos comprise almost 20 percent of the U.S. population, their participation in clinical trials, as with many aspects of life in the country, is so poor that for some it's an issue of worry as severe as illnesses and health concerns.

According to Salud America, Hispanics and Latinos make up only 10 percent of clinical trials. And the figure is even lower in the case of drug trials run by the FDA, where this demographic accounts for just 4 percent.

New evidence continues to emerge about Joe Biden's dwindling support among Latinos. The latest data comes from a Cygnal poll, which shows that the current president has a single-digit lead over the former, Donald Trump,in four key states with a large representation from this demographic: Florida, Texas Nevada and Arizona.

Concretely, Biden leads Trump 47 to 43 percent. And the lead becomes even narrower when a third hat is thrown is into the ring. If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were to take part in the 2024 race, he would get 15 percent of the support, while Biden would take 40 percent and Trump's 37 percent.

Former President Trump's team is implementing a new strategy aimed at achieving gains among Latinos, specifically targeting voters of Cuban, Venezuelan, and Colombian descent in Florida.

According to an Axios report by Sophia Cal and Martin Vassolo, the former president's team seeks to portray him as a victim of perceived socialist overreach, linking his legal challenges and clashes with Democrats to the struggles faced by many Latin Americans under authoritarian rulers who claim to be socialists.

Cyberattacks have become more common with the increased use of technology for most aspects of daily life, and can have a costly impact on people. According to cybersecurity company Surfshark, 8% of U.S. residents fall victim to cyber fraud, but for Latinos that number is higher.

According to IBM, cyberattacks are intentional efforts to steal or gain access to data or computer networks. Often, these attacks are targeted at companies or third-party data vendors, but in doing so, they gain access to sensitive customer information. Attackers can also target people with investment fraud and tech support scams.

Homeownership is still seen by many as a way to build generational wealth; however, since the 2008 financial crisis, the goal of owning property has become more challenging for Latinas and other women of color, according to a new report from the National Women's Law Center.

Homeownership is seen as essential for upward mobility for Latinos and often represents the biggest share of a Latino household's net worth.According to 2020 census data, owning a home accounts for 67% of Latino households' wealth.

As Argentina gets closer to a consequential election between Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa and outsider Libertarian economist Javier Milei, current and former Iberoamerican heads of state publicly stated who they would rather see win on Sunday.

Among those who directly or implicitly supported Massa were left-wing presidents Gustavo Petro (Colombia), Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Pedro Sanchez (Spain) and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commonly known as AMLO (Mexico). Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica also said he would vote for Massa if he were Argentine.

The Texas Legislature approved on Tuesday night a bill that would empower the state to arrest or deport migrants who are suspected of entering or re-entering the state illegally. It also allows judges to order migrants to return the country they illegally crossed from rather than seeking prosecution.

Moreover, the bill, introduced by Republicans and passed along party lines, allows state agencies to transport the migrants to ports of entry to ensure the measure is effective.

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