If I had told you 48 hours ago that Germany would slaughter Brazil 7-1, would you have believed me? According to reports, a viral screenshot revealed an alleged betting slip that actually called the greatest Brazilians upset in World Cup history.

According to the screen shot, the $20 betting slip wagered that not only will Germany defeat Brazil 7-1, but Sami Khedira would score at least one goal. From an article by SBNation.com, the odds of such a specific outcome are a staggering 2319 to 1. As a result, the payout for winning the bet is a lot: $46,380 to be specific!

This is a stunningly confident Germany Vs. Brazil bet and the screenshot postures that someone did win! However, should we believe everything we see on the internet? Did someone actually have the clairvoyance to put down that betting slip? Was it supposed to be a $20 joke that, to his delight, backfired?

"I chatted with someone at Bet365 who was pretty certain that no 7-1 option was available on the site for that game, but it could have been granted to a bettor who called up and specifically asked for it," said Mike Pickett of OddsShark.com, which provides lines to SB Nation. 

"It's akin to calling up a sportsbook and saying, ‘I want to bet on the Yankees tonight to win exactly 20-0 and for Derek Jeter to hit for the cycle -- what odds will you give me?" Pickett said. "The book will usually set odds on a relative impossibility like that, because if either of those things don't happen, the bet is lost. It's like writing your own lottery ticket."

However, it is also unlikely that a bettor to make a personal call for the bet as the slip amount was paid in US dollars while the betting site is based in the UK. It is definitely more likely that the bet would have been placed online, and have a record, than if the bet was placed via an international phone call. Ultimately, we don't know for sure but if the world's luckiest World Cup bettor ever chooses to reveal his identity, we would be delighted to hear his story!