A girl was allegedly murdered in her sleep by her own father and his brothers for refusing to marry the man of their choice in Gopalganj town, Bihar, India on Sunday, March. 6.

The 19-year-old victim, Kiran, was reportedly brutally killed by her own father, Indradeo Ram, and his brothers after she rebuffed their attempts at arranging a marriage between her and a man named Nati Sharma. Kiran was reportedly vocal in her dislike for Sharma and vehemently disapproved of the union as she wanted to marry another boy, with whom she was supposedly in love.

Enraged by her opposition to the arranged marriage, Ram along with his two brothers, stormed his daughter Kiran’s room in an inebriated state while she was asleep and attacked her before allegedly killing her by slitting her throat. After the murder, the drunk Ram and his brother dumped her body at an agricultural field at Kotwa village, Hindustan Times reported.

“Kiran’s father Indradeo Ram and his brothers were not in favour of her marrying a youngster and they hacked her to death and dumped the body in a field,” Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Sanjiv Kumar said.

Kumar added that the incident does not look like a case of hate-killing, but more a crime committed in a fit of rage.

On Monday, March. 7, after the police were alerted that the body of a woman was found in a piece of agricultural land, a team rushed to the spot and recovered the remains. The authorities subsequently made efforts to ascertain the identity of the deceased.

Upon further investigation, they received information about a missing girl in the neighboring town. The police later concluded that the teen victim was found dead after being murdered by her own father for refusing to comply with his arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother, Kalawati Devi, revealed that her husband Ram, a habitual drinker, had fixed their daughter’s marriage with a man of his choice and that her daughter disliked him.

Kalawati confirmed that her husband and her daughter were opposed to each other’s decisions. She added that her husband had warned his daughter several times against disobeying him and threatened her with dire consequences before slashing her throat and killing her.

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