Andres Cepeda Tengo Ganas Tour USA
Latin Times/Courtesy Andrés Cepeda

MIAMI - Andrés Cepeda, the Grammy-winning Colombian singer-songwriter, is embarking on an NEW journey in 2024, a year that finds him bustling with activities and filled with enthusiasm.

Celebrating his 50th birthday, Cepeda feels more open to new paths than ever before. In a recent interview with the Latin Times, he shared insights into his upcoming "Tengo ganas 2024" tour across major U.S. cities and his forthcoming album.

As a seasoned artist, Cepeda is no stranger to the limelight, currently in his 12th season as a coach on Colombia's "The Voice," including 11 "La Voz Kids" and once in "La Voz Senior." This role "rejuvenates" and "inspires" him, he says. "It connects me with my childhood dreams of singing and songwriting. It's more than just mentoring. It's a gateway to giving back to the new generation of musicians."

In the meantime, Cepeda is putting final touches on his new album, set for a second-quarter release, and a standalone single due in February. This flurry of activity is his lifeblood. By challenging the conventional notions of aging after turning 50, Cepeda reflects on how this age feels distinctively different from his father's experience at the same milestone. "For me, this has been a time for opening new professional and personal chapters rather than closing them. I feel more vital and enthusiastic than ever," he added.

Energizing Tours and New Sounds

Cepeda's tours in the U.S., Canada, and Europe are not just concerts; they're reunions with his audience, particularly the Colombian and Latino communities. These shows are more than mere performances; they're almost spiritual gatherings, driven by a deep hunger for cultural roots.

Moreover, Cepeda sees his Latin audience as partners in attracting local spectators. "Everybody who brings a boyfriend, girlfriend, or non-latino spouse to the show is not only a fan but a partner in my music. I appreciate them very much," he explained.

The "Tengo ganas 2024" tour, starting on April 13, 2024, in Chicago and wrapping up on May 3 in Boston, marks a significant return to the international stage following his 2022 "La ruta púrpura" tour, which celebrated his 20-year music career.

While the previous tour was acoustically driven, "Tengo ganas" dives into the other end of Cepeda's musical spectrum. "We are embracing pop, rock, electric guitars, synthesizers, and drums," the artist explained. It's a fresh side of Cepeda, offering a stark contrast to his earlier work and showcasing the versatility of his artistry.

Central to this tour is his latest album, "Décimo cuarto," which bagged a Latin Grammy in 2023 for "Best Pop Album." This eight-track production features collaborations with Greeicy Rendón and Ximena Sariñana, promising a rich blend of sounds and emotions.

A musical letter to his beloved Bogotá

At the heart of Cepeda's current phase is a retrospective look at his life, culminating in his upcoming album, "Bogotá." This collection of 10 to 12 tracks delves into his personal history, reflecting on his upbringing, inspirations, and the essence of his hometown and country. The February single release, distinct from the album, serves as an appetizer for this heartfelt tribute to Bogotá, a city that continues to shape and define him.

While we wait, he told Latin Times about his ideal day in his hometown, which sounds amazing, with or without Andrés Cepeda.

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