An NFL Quarterback who recently received a $230-million contract deal with the Cleveland Browns was not indicted for an alleged sexual assault on Thursday, March 24, with over 22 different civil complaints filed against him by women he allegedly assaulted.

The Brazoria County District in Texas has reportedly declined to indict Deshaun Watson for the charge of ejaculating on a woman during a massage appointment, which the quarterback has claimed were consensual acts, according to the Daily Beast.

Watson, who was traded to the Cleveland Browns in a deal that guarantees him at least $230 million in a five-year contract with the team, is facing over 22 civil lawsuits from women who have been allegedly sexually assaulted by the man, ESPN reported.

“After a careful and thorough review of the facts and evidence documented in the reports prepared by the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office and the Houston Police Department, as well as hearing testimony from witnesses, the Grand Jury for Brazoria County has declined to charge Deshaun Watson with any crimes,” Brazoria County District Attorney Tom Selleck said.

The Cleveland Browns had announced the trade deal with Watson over two weeks after a different grand jury declined to indict him for the same charge, claiming that they have done their due diligence with regards to Watson’s background, according to NBC Sports.

“Our team's comprehensive evaluation process was of utmost importance due to the sensitive nature of his situation and the complex factors involved. We also understand there are still some legal proceedings that are ongoing and we will respect due process,” the team’s owners said.

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer representing the twenty-two different women who filed civil charges against Watson, has said that neither the Browns nor any of the teams who were looking into acquiring the quarterback had questioned him or his clients about the civil suits.

“[The Browns] didn't contact me, and again, I didn't expect them to, but I would've taken their call, and if they had specific questions that I could disclose to him, I certainly would've done it,” he said in a statement.

Buzbee has said that four other women are planning on pressing charges against Watson as the cases for his alleged sexual assaults continue to expand.

“As far as additional lawsuits, I have been contacted by additional women, who I'm deciding whether I'm going to take their case or somebody else will, that are wanting to file suit against Deshaun Watson,” he said.

NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has recently signed a $230-million deal with the Cleveland Browns, is facing over twenty-two civil suits in regards to his alleged sexual assault of over twenty-two women. This is a representational image. Adrian Curiel/Unsplash.

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