A high school janitor in Florida who was caught filming girls of various ages using the bathroom has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for two counts of using children to produce sexually explicit videos.

Derremy Jerrell Walker, a 31-year-old former janitor of Oviedo High School, was caught in November 2019 actively filming girls while they used the bathroom using a sink in the bathroom stall to hide the recording device, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office press release.

The device was discovered by two 15-year-old girls, who promptly reported it to the school administrators before it was traced back to Walker, according to the Miami Herald.

Digital forensic evidence confirmed that Walker has acted on his voyeuristic tendency twice before the discovery, capturing 12 students as they used the bathroom. The angle of the device was deliberately planted so that it would be able to capture the genitalia of the student as they disrobed.

Each of the videos lasted for over one hour, except for the final one which was caught fifteen minutes into its filming. Eight of the twelve students captured on film have been identified. Many are horrified at the action that Walker has taken.

“Mr. Walker did more than just produce horror; he stole the innocence and trust of these young victims,” FBI Special Agent Michael McPherson said.

It is not known if Walker was filming this for his own benefit, or if he was planning on propagating this footage online for the use of others.

Through this case, it has also been found that he had attempted to film the bathroom of the faculty lounge as well in order to get footage of the teachers, though no charges have been set for his actions in that case.

“We are pleased with the sentence handed down in this case and will continue efforts to protect the children in our communities from sexual exploitation and abuse,” FBI Special Agent Michael McPherson said.

A 60-year sentence has been slapped against Derremy Walker after he was caught filming underage girls using the high school bathroom with his camera phone. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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