A Georgia woman has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday, Dec. 14, after police found her home riddled with underfed and neglected animals, coupled with at least twelve rotting animal corpses found around the premises of her residence.

The Kingsland woman, whose identity has remained unpublicized due to the authorities believing her circumstance stems from severe mental health problems, was first reported after a sick puppy was found in her driveway, which she later denied was hers, according to News 4 Jax.

While the police continued to investigate the case, an anonymous complaint was filed at the Camden County Animal Control where it claimed that the woman had multiple dead animals scattered across her backyard, CSU News reported.

The woman was visited again by authorities, and she gave them consent to search her home. Inside the residence, they found multiple dead animals as well as other, living pets in various states of distress, including an 8-month-old puppy named Aurora who seemed starved and was eating the trash on the floor.

The home had an overwhelming smell of urine and feces, the officers who visited her home noted. Her house was deeply unsanitary, with fecal matter and trash coating every inch of the floor. This included her children’s room, who left the home a day before the officers visited.

They also found unopened Tupperware cases with food in them for her pet cats and dogs.

Officers who visited the home have noted that among the dead were eleven snakes, eleven rotting chicken corpses, and a decomposing rabbit inside a glass tank. The woman blamed the quarantine for her abusive behavior to the animals, though refused to answer when asked why she kept buying more animals.

She will be charged with animal cruelty, and the Department of Family and Children Services has been contacted after her arrest in regards to her children and her possible neglect.

A woman in Kingsland, Georgia has been arrested after government officers shockingly found multiple animal corpses in her home with clear signs of neglect and cruelty on her part. This is a representational image. Andrew S/Unsplash.

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