Crime Scene
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Some people do good deeds for a reason. However, there are also risks in doing that even if the person’s name comes from the Bible.

67-year-old Ronald Snoddy ended up dead at his East New York apartment with multiple stab wounds. Authorities went there to check on the man after a man named Moses Ewan confessed to murdering the Good Samaritan.

But even before the murder happened, it appeared the neighbors of Snoddy already sensed something off. Regardless, some found him sweet and were shocked to learn that he had killed the same man who took him in at the Spring Creek Towers.

Snoddy lived there for more than 25 years, surviving by taking odd jobs. That included a stint as a parking attendant. Aside from that, people who knew him to claim that he loved to cook and go to the supermarket. This was where he met Ewan.

“Ronnie’s the kind of person who’s too friendly,” Snoddy’s neighbor, Migdalia Vega, stated. “You meet him, you have a friend for life.”

Vega was at home on the night of the murder with her daughter. She narrated how Ewan knocked on their door but was gone when they opened the door.

It turns out the 35-year-old man went to 30th St. Men’s Shelter in Kips Bay where he revealed that he had killed Snoddy at an apartment they shared. From there, Ewan was taken to the Metropolitan Hospital for psychiatric examination.

When they were informed of the incident, shelter officials informed the police who went to check on the apartment at around 4:30 a.m. Saturday. There, they found the lifeless body of Snoddy on a bedroom floor with stab wounds to the head and body.

It was an unfortunate development considering Snoddy was best known as a kind-hearted person to most who knew him. However, the same cannot be said for Ewan who most felt was off or weird.

“Honestly, I was kind of scared of him,” another neighbor said. “One day I was sitting out there and I guess he felt comfortable enough to conversate.”

One friend who went to the memorial brought two things that Snoddy loved – a picture of Janet Jackson and some playing cards.

“He loved Janet Jackson and he was really good at cards,” the friend said. “It hit my heart really hard.”

Crime Scene
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