Controversial People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched a chilling guerilla store called "Urban Outraged" that advertises leather goods supposedly crafted from “human parts.”

The online satirical store tries to take a dig at trendy shops such as Urban Outfitters and features clothing and accessories made from leather with designs that highlight mangled human faces on the side of jackets, human teeth jutting out from shoes, and human blood oozing from handbags, the New York Post reported.

The campaign was reportedly designed to put a spotlight on retailers who continue to sell clothing made out of leather and fur taken from animals. The endeavor also aims to persuade consumers and companies alike to stop patronizing animal-sourced leathers and other products derived from animal skins.

“A cow’s skin belongs to her, and she feels fear and pain in a slaughterhouse every bit as much as you or I would,” PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, said in a statement.

“PETA’s Urban Outraged challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every bit of animal skin on store racks and shelves,” Reiman added.

Each item put on sale on the online store Urban Outraged is reportedly named after the individual who was “killed” for it. However, the items on Urban Outraged are not actually for sale and are merely digital illustrations of how PETA imagines human leather goods may resemble, according to PETA.

The store carries the tagline: “Style that demands a second look.”

PETA is notorious for its outlandish and, at times, offensive attempts to raise awareness of animal cruelty and veganism.

Recently, PETA reportedly released a provocative advertisement that was designed to titillate viewers through sexualized fruits. The 35-second advertisement that was released in September earlier this year showed human fingers fondling the juicy core of fruits such as orange, kiwi, and avocado.

PETA had previously released a two-and-a-half-minute video narrated by PETA’s senior vice president Lisa Lange called “Be a sweater they said.” The video showed real-life footage of farms and factories across the world, where animals and birds were beaten into submission before they were slaughtered for their skin, fur, and feathers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched its chilling guerilla store called Urban Outraged that advertises leather goods supposedly crafted from “human parts.” This is a representational image. Pixabay

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