People who work at fancy hotels divulged behind-the-scene details in a Reddit thread that has gone viral, and it turns out that even the most luxurious resorts on the planet may be concealing some dark truths.

It all began when Reddit member u/catstevenseagal asked the internet a question. "People who work at five-star hotels, What type of shit goes on that management doesn't want people to know?," the user asked.

It has received more 13,000 comments since it was published last week. Here are a few of the more enticing details. Hence, people may never see a hotel in the same light again.

Hotel guests, according to Reddit user WitcherofWallStreet, should "never trust glass in rooms." Cleaning personnel are so short on time that they will clean the glasses with the same cloths that they use to clean the bathroom; after all, their purpose is to make the room look clean.

"I worked as an [cleaner] in a five-diamond for years and there was over a year period that went by where we didn't get a clean glass delivery. We didn't have dishwashers in the room, so management was complicit. This was in a five-diamond, one of the top resorts in the world. Never trust glass in hotel rooms."

Another poster concurred, noting that it doesn't matter how much the room costs each night. The teacups are still washed in the bathroom sink or bathtub by hotel employees.

A hotel worker in the United States, NaniBakaNani, said that they don't mind sex work or whatever else goes on in the rooms as long as it doesn't bother other customers. The user added half of the women who come to the hotel are working females searching for a sale.

Human trafficking is the only thing that the hotel sector ever reports. There are signs to look for. They do notify local authorities if things don't add up. The sex workers tip them more frequently than the guests, according to another poster.

Hotel employee Chupawhat added housekeeping is responsible for cleaning the rooms the most. Worst of all, they had a couple that wanted a home birth but couldn't because it was "gross." However, they had to deal with the hazardous scenario. However, they slapped the guests as hard as they could with penalties and surcharges.

Travelers should never put their bags on the bed, according to user aardw0lf11. The users advised the travelers to turn out the lights and place their luggage when they arrive at the hotel. The user explained that bedbugs congregate towards the head of the mattress, behind the sheets and mattress pad when there is light, but scatter when there isn't. If bedbugs are discovered, the travelers should request a different room.

Meanwhile, Unusual_Form3267 warned those who are staying (or have plans to visit) in the hotel. The user described how a filthy rich lady sneezed on the chocolate fountain; then someone else has just dipped their lunch into it. The weird part is that the chocolate is strained and kept for brunch the following week.

"The best part: that chocolate gets strained and saved for the next week's brunch. Chocolate is [way] too expensive to throw away," the user added.

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