An inmate serving time for drug offenses was thrown back to closed prison on Friday night after police discovered that he managed to smuggle a female sex worker into his cell for an intimate encounter at the HMP Hollesley Bay in Suffolk, England.

The brazen prisoner, who was not identified by UK police, allegedly distributed photos of the woman in a vulgar position across his bed while donning a skimpy G-string and crop top, Metro reported.

The man allegedly snapped the racy images through his phone despite the ban on electronic devices for all inmates at the open prison. The facility was dubbed the "Holiday Bay" by many due to its slack approach to the law.

The perimeter fencing of Hollesley Bay near Woodbridge is now packed with cops for investigations as they scramble to locate and identify the mystery woman. Authorities have since beefed up their security measures around the area to prevent more smuggling activities.

The latest incident only showed "what a joke the security is" in the prison, a source who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Sun.

Labour MP Andy Slaughter, a member of the Commons Justice Select Committee, has since slammed the appalling inmate behavior.

"Open prisons are meant to be places of rehabilitation, not for people to live the life of Riley. This is an extraordinary breach and breakdown of security," he told the press.

A spokeswoman for the Prison Service has labeled the behavior "unacceptable," vowing to impose sanctions on the shameless offender.

According to the East Anglican Daily Times, security has always been a dilemma at Hollesley Bay, which reportedly has limited staff for an 85 acres correctional facility, as noted by Faith Spear, a criminologist.

"Each inmate is assessed as to the least risk to the public and they are well aware of the consequences of breaking any rules," Spear added. "Each month there are inmates sent back to closed conditions from there. Yes, it is a risk for whoever was smuggled in, but at this point, we can only make assumptions."

Spear, who is also prison commentator, and campaigner, was sacked as chairman of Hollesley Bay’s Independent Monitoring Board for highlighting the failings in the system some five years ago. She said boredom and lack of purposeful activity in correctional facilities negatively impacts the behavior of many prisoners.

Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services, and Skills, also stressed that many men's prisons in England were considered inadequate in their education, skills, as well as work provision.

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An inmate serving time for drug offenses was thrown back to closed prison on Friday night after police found that he was smuggling a female sex worker for an intimate encounter inside his cell at the HMP Hollesley Bay in Suffolk, England. This is a representational image. Getty Images

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