An Instagram model has been arrested on Monday, Oct. 18, in Midtown, New York after stabbing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife twice, causing him to bleed out in the lobby of their high-rise building.

Genie Exum, a 22-year-old Instagram model, allegedly knifed her boyfriend Babyboy Pajulas, also known as Frances Amor, in the back and arm while they were staying in their 10th Avenue apartment. It is not yet known as to why Exum knifed Pajulas in the first place, according to the New York Post.

After being stabbed, the 30-year-old boyfriend went down to the lobby bleeding and seeking help. A doorman working for the building promptly called the police, and Pajulas was sent to Bellevue Hospital to receive stitches for his wounds, the New York Daily News reported.

In her arraignment on Tuesday night at the Manhattan Criminal Court, Exum was released without bail. However, the judge also issued a protection order that keeps Exum from contacting or getting close to Pajulas, who is currently recovering from the knifing.

Exum’s public defender, Brooke Quincy Myers, told the court that Pajulas would not be pressing charges against the Instagram model, arguing that the victim only suffered a superficial wound that required only three to four stitches to heal.

“He disclosed to me he was not stabbed,” the lawyer said. “He doesn’t want this case going forward.”

Exum left the courthouse avoiding the media, using the legal documents in her hand and a Yankees hat to cover up her face.

Exum has an Instagram following of over 35,000. Just last month, she posted a photo of her flashing her breasts in front of an NYPD police car with the description “Caption this.” She posts a mix of selfies and travel pictures on her feed, according to the Independent.

Her sizable audience also includes an Onlyfans account that she flagrantly advertised as she returned to her apartment after the arraignment. Her account, costing $20 a month, describes her as a “free spirit from Alabama with a loud mouth and dirty mind.”

Genie Exum, a 22-year-old Instagram model living in New York City, has been arrested on Monday after knifing her boyfriend in the back and arm. This is a representational image. Gabrielle Henderson/Unsplash.

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