Jane the Virgin
Season 1 of "Jane the Virgin" continues tonight on The CW with an all new episode, "Chapter 4." The CW

The critically acclaimed first season of “Jane The Virgin” continues tonight on the CW and in addition to the mistaken insemination that resulted in surprise pregnancy, Jane has a lot to deal with during the all new episode, “Chapter 4.” The synopsis for the fourth episode reveals that Jane begins to feel guilty concerning her feelings for Rafael, though genuinely committed to Michael, Jane has admitted to be attracted to the biological father of her child, but tonight she will have to admit to even more. In addition to the telling synopsis, the promo video for “Chapter 4” reveals that Jane is struggling even more to maintain her virginity with her raging hormones during the early stages of her pregnancy. But it is not Michael whom she desires, it is Rafael.

The promo video begins with a shot of Jane and Michael enjoying their morning tucked into bed, but then scene turns a bit steamy and reveals that Jane is deep in a sex dream, but her partner is not her future husband, who wakes her up, startling her out of the intimate dream. The synopsis and the promo video both reveal that Jane admits these sexual fantasies and attractions to the ever patient Michael who reacts with horror, questioning “We are getting married in 6 days and you’re fantasizing about another guy?”

In addition to Jane’s latest pregnancy cravings, there is a lot of other unfolding action expected to take place in “Chapter 4.” The synopsis reveals that an unwelcome visitor from “Petra and Rafael’s past” surfaces, meanwhile Jane’s father, Rogelio, whom she has never met asks Xo to allow him to be involved in Jane and Michael’s forthcoming wedding. Despite their obvious lack of relationship, the milestone may be the perfect moment to introduce father and daughter. Check out the all new “Chapter 4” promo video below and be sure to tune in tonight to watch the all new episode of “Jane the Virgin” on The CW at 9 p.m.

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