The Rivera family is doing everything in their power to keep Jenni Rivera's memory alive. A tribute concert, a book, a footwear collection, a movie, and now, a museum. Rosie Rivera, sister of the late Mexican-American singer, is planning to establish a museum in Long Beach, Calif., where La Gran Señora was born and raised. 

The museum, which has the intention to celebrate La Diva de la Banda's life and trajectory, will include memorabilia from Jenni's career and personal items from her former home. The idea to open a museum came after the Rivera's were having trouble organizing Jenni's belongings.  "I think that in a museum where we can all enjoy them (Jenni's belongings) - her family, her fans - is the way to go so I'm excited about that," Chiquis Rivera reportedly said to Billboard

In 2013, a similar exhibition with Rivera's memorabilia was showcased at the Grammy museum