Jenni Rivera
Singer Jenni Rivera attends the 3rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on September 18, 2002 in Hollywood, California. Robert Mora/Getty Images

From domestic violence to drug abuse to infidelity, Jenni Rivera's love life was always a scandal. She was married three time and had five children. Needless to say that all of her relationships were in the spotlight ---except for one.

The recent book "Jenni Vive: Unforgettable, Baby!," officially authorized by the Jenni Rivera Estate, includes over 200 pages of never-before-seen photos with her fans, handwritten letters to her children and previously unpublished pages from her journal. It also reveals intimate pictures and diary entries of Jenni's one true love.

His name is Fernando, a.k.a. "El Pelon," and according to Chiquis Rivera, he was her mom's true love. "He was the love of her life," she said, reports Terra. "He was the lover with whom she had an on-and-off relationship for 10 years," she added. In fact, one of the photos in the book show Fernando hugging the late Jenni and her daughter Jacqie during one of the Mexican singer's presentations in Chicago. "I present to you Fernie, my spiritual boyfriend. 'Mi pelón," states the photograph. "Why does God allow me to meet the love of my life and not be able to marry him?"

Jenni Rivera
"Jenni Vive: Unforgettable, Baby!" is already available for purchase. The Jenni Rivera Estate

Move over José Trinidad Marín, Juan López and Esteban Loaiza, here are 13 things to know about La Diva De La Banda's real love.

1) Fernando was 10 years younger than Jenni.

2) He's intelligent, interesting and sweet.

3) Often times, Jenni Rivera would cry for Fernie at her presentations.

4) In fact, most of her songs were dedicated to him, but no one ever knew.

5) Jenni and Fernando met in 2003.

6) When they met, he worked as a promoter at a local radio.

7) He also worked at an Adult Video warehouse and sold porn movies out of his truck.

8) He drove an old Ford Escort, but Jenni didn't mind!

9) He lived with his mother in Los Angeles.

10) Fernando and Jenni loved each other and faught with each other with the same intensity.

11) They had the same dreams.

12) She first smoked marijuana with Fernando.

13) And the first time Jenni had an orgasm was at the age 34 with her "pelon."

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