After striking it big for four seasons, the beloved Canadian sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” is coming to a close sooner than planned. There was already word coming out that the series would be coming to an end but most did not expect it would come next month. It was one year earlier than expected, casting questions on why showrunners wanted to wrap up earlier than most anticipated.

When “Kim’s Convenience” was announced as wrapping up by next month, most were left aghast. Showrunners tried to explain on social media why the show was coming to a close although not all were buying it.

One of the main reasons behind “Kim’s Convenience” closing early is that two co-creators are reportedly moving on to other projects. With the two minds behind the success of the sitcom exiting, producers found it difficult to deliver another season of the same heart and quality – two things that made the sitcom a hit.

The show’s cast and fans were understandably unhappy with it, all trying to figure out what happened to “Kim’s Convenience.” Simu Liu, who took on the role of the prodigal son could not hide his disappointment, hinting that there appears to be something more than meets the eye on his Instagram account.

“For reasons that I’m sure we will get into someday, we must prematurely bid farewell to Kim’s Convenience,” his IG post read. “I am heartbroken.”

Beyond that, the timing of the announcement comes at a time when the Asian-Canadian community could have gotten a bit of a reprieve with the growing cases of Asian hate. Could this be part of the reason why the show was ending after five seasons?

Canadian media executive Ivan Fecan who stepped down as CTV President in 2010 tried to shed light on the matter. According to him, Korean-Canadian writer Ins Choi was not sure if he wanted to go beyond season 5. Cast members and many tried to persuade him to change his mind but Choi stood by his decision.

“There was kind of a hope that he would continue. But after he finished Season 5, he came to me and he said, ‘Look, I’m dry. I’ve got nothing more to give this,’” Fecan said.

While that is acceptable, it remains that most feel that there is something deeper as to why “Kim’s Convenience” came to an abrupt end. Whatever the real reason may be, fans of the Canadian sitcom just have to move on despite the heartbreaking development.

Kim's Convenience screen grab Kim's Convenience screen grab Kim's Convenience screen grab from Simu Liu Instagram account