The Kwara State police are now searching the whereabouts of a man who checked into the Premium Diamond Hotel in Adewole of Ilorin metropolis. He appears to be the main suspect after hotel personnel found the lifeless body of the unidentified woman in the man’s hotel room last May 28.

The man was identified as Adegboye James who reportedly checked in to the hotel per supervisor Olalekan Anafi. He is reportedly from number 12, Okelowo Street, Ede, Osun State.

The supervisor claims that James stepped out and returned to the hotel with the woman. However, the man was able to sneak out of the hotel with no one noticing.

“The said Adegboye James went out and came back with a lady and lodged in the hotel, but later checked out of the hotel without the knowledge of any of the hotel staff,” an official statement read.

Hotel staff was forced to use a spare key when they heard nothing from the room. It was here where they discovered the corpse of the yet-to-be-identified woman.

“The following morning, when nothing was heard from the room occupied by the said lodger, a spare key was used to open the room and were confronted by the dead body of the lady,” the report added.

When police checked the information logged by the guest, the name and the phone numbers were discovered to be fake.

Local authorities are now seeking the help of the public to help identify the victim. The body is currently at the homicide section of the state police command per reports.

Police spokesperson Ajayi Okasanmi, who issued the statement on when the body was found, added that no part of the body was mutilated. All organs were confirmed to be intact after the body was checked by doctors.

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Three men were found hanging by the neck in Mexico next to a banner signed by a criminal organization in northern Sinaloa. Photo: Getty Images

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