Lady Reportera Memes
This TV Azteca reporter refused to get wet during coverage of flooding in Puebla and she became a meme. Twitter/jodherlo

Twitter users are so ingenious and can make any situation better, for the most part. There are many creative users out there that are able to make light of different scenarios. Over the past year, there have been many "ladies" like Lady Sapito, Lady Soriana, Lady Memes and many more. A new Lady has emerged as "Lady Reportera."

Lydia Cumming, a reporter from TV Azteca, was in the field covering the floodings in Puebla. The scene is devasting as it has affected many Mexican families with water all over their homes. As the journalist was reporting the events, someone snapped a picture of her. The photo shows Cumming being carried by two people so she would not get wet.

Twitter user "jodherlo" posted the pic with the caption: "Embarrasing, TV Azteca reporter asks that she be carried to not get wet." He added the hashtag "Lady Reportera" which people have used to make light of the situation. The creative people of the web have now made her a meme and Photoshopped the heck out of her. Check out the funniest images below!

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