Televisa presented their new telenovela called "Las Amazonas" which is a new version of "Niña Amada Mía" that was produced in 2003. Both soaps are based on the Venezuelan production called "Las Amazonas" created by César Miguel Rondón. However, the updated take airing this year mixes another story from Venezuela called "Las Dos Dianas." With the addition of new storyline and characters, it does not change the main theme of three strong-willed sisters.

"Las Amazonas" stars Danna García, Grettel Valdez and Mariluz Bermudez as the Santos sisters. In "Niña Amada Mía" the girls last name was Soriano and it starred Karyme Lozano, Mayrín Villanueva and Ludwika Paleta. We have made side-by-side comparisons of the girls from the old and new versions below. Take a look at the photos and tell us if you think you will like the updated remake!

Victoria Ruffo and César Evora will be involved in a love triangle in "Las Amazonas" that is shooting in México. Ruffo and Evora are fan favorites having starred together in various hits like "Abrázame Muy Fuerte," "Triunfo Del Amor" and "La Madrastra."

"Las Amazonas" has a stellar cast that also includes Andres Palacios ("Fortuna"), Guillermo García Cantú ("La Malquerida"), Juan Pablo Gil ("Mi Corazón Es Tuyo"), Jacqueline Andere ("Soy Tu Dueña"), René Casados ("Mi Corazón Es Tuyo"), Liz Gallardo ("Una Maid En Manhattan"), Alex Sirvent ("La Sombra Del Pasado"), Natalia Guerrero("La Vecina"), Gabriela Vergara ("Cielo Rojo") and many more.

"Las Amazonas" premieres in México on May 16 at 7:30 p.m. and will undoubtedly make its way to Univision screens in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

'Las Amazonas' Vs 'Niña Amada Mía' On the left is Carolina (Ludwika Paleta), the youngest of the Soriano sisters of "Niña Amada Mia," and on the right we have Constanza Santos (Mariluz Bermudez) from "Las Amazonas." Seems to be like the character trait is that they are both blonde. Televisa 'Las Amazonas' Vs 'Niña Amada Mía' The middle sister is Diana Soriano (left, Mayrín Villanueva) and Casandra Santos (right, Grettel Valdez). Televisa 'Las Amazonas' Vs 'Niña Amada Mía' On the left we have Isabela Soriano (Karyme Lozano) and on the right we have Diana Santos (Danna Garcia). They both play the eldest sister of the trio on "Niña Amada Mia" and "Las Amazonas" respectively. Televisa