An unemployed man reportedly brutally beat his 65-year-old mother to death after growing tired of her behavior in Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan on Friday, June 3.

The accused, identified as Akinori Koseki, reportedly called 119 at around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 3, and informed the police that his mother, Emiko, had fallen down a set of stairs and had seriously injured herself.

Emergency responders immediately rushed to the residence and found Emiko in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest. The officers rushed Emiko to a hospital for immediate treatment. However, Emiko succumbed to her injuries and died later that night while she was undergoing treatment, Japan Today reported.

Hospital authorities subsequently noticed that Emiko had suffered a broken left chin bone as well as several rib fractures. The doctors proceeded to notify the authorities and alerted them that the woman's injuries were not consistent with falling down the stairs, which Koseki had mentioned as the reason behind the elderly woman's injuries.

Following this, officers took Koseki into custody and questioned him regarding his mother's accident. During the interrogation, Koseki reportedly admitted to beating his mother about 30 minutes before he called 119. When asked about his motive behind the gruesome thrashing, Koseki told the officers that he brutally beat her because he had become fed up with his mother’s behavior and having to take care of her.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an unemployed man has been arrested for allegedly brutally stabbing his 77-year-old mother to death in Kyoto, Japan on Wednesday, June 1, Latin Times reported.

The accused, Fumitaka Tabata, 44, has been taken into custody on suspicion of murder after he admitted to stabbing his 77-year-old mother Chikako, in the kitchen of her house at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, June 1.

The tragic incident reportedly happened while Tabata, who did not live with his mother, was visiting her for the night. The killing came to light after a neighbor, who heard the woman screaming, called 110 and reported the disturbance to the police.

Officers immediately responded to the scene and rushed Chikako to a hospital for immediate treatment. Chikako reportedly died in the hospital about an hour after arrival due to loss of blood from a knife wound to the chest.

Tabata has so far given no motive behind why he stabbed his mother to death.

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