An Indian father chose to take extreme lengths after he refused to cremate his son's body until the police conducted a second post-mortem on the remains, keeping his child's corpse in a freezer for 22 days.

Shivprasad Pathak, a retired military officer and a resident of Majhauan village, reportedly kept the body of his son Shivank Pathak, 32, in a deep freezer at his home for 22 days after the young man died on Aug. 1 under mysterious circumstances.

Pathak refused to perform the last rites for his son, alleging that his boy was murdered for money, and demanded a second post-mortem investigation be conducted on the body to rule out foul play, Hindustan Times reported.

Shivank reportedly died in Delhi under mysterious circumstances on Aug. 1. However, after a post-mortem investigation of the corpse was conducted in Delhi, foul play was ruled out.

Pathak insists that his son was murdered for money. Following the autopsy in Delhi, he reportedly took his son's body to his home in Sultanpur and kept it in a deep freezer for the past 22 days claiming that his family will perform the last rites only after they get justice.

Shivank had reportedly opened a company in Delhi in collaboration with a partner in 2012. A woman named Gurleen Kaur was appointed as the company HR by the partner. Shivank and Kaur then got married in 2013. According to Pathak, Shivank who had a huge property and business to his name was murdered by Kaur and other employees of his company for money, News18 reported.

He also claimed that even though his son was murdered, the police did not register a case and handed the body over to him after conducting a bogus post-mortem examination.

Pathak only agreed to cremate the body after officials reportedly assured him that they are making arrangements to conduct the second post-mortem on Shivank's body at a hospital in Sultanpur.

"It has been decided that a panel of doctors formed under the supervision of the chief medical officer (CMO) of the district will conduct a post-mortem investigation of the body,” Raveesh Gupta, Sultanpur district magistrate, said on Monday, Aug. 23.

“An order has been received to conduct the post-mortem again. We are making the arrangements. The cremation of the body will be held after the body is given to family following a post-mortem,” said Baldirai CO Raja Ram.

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An Indian father reportedly refused to cremate his son's body until the police conducted a second post-mortem on the remains and allegedly kept his son's body in a freezer for 22 days. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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