A man allegedly killed his brother after the victim created a ruckus after coming home drunk before proceeding to bury the body with the help of his mother in Cherpu, Thrissur, Kerala, India on Saturday, March 19.

The victim, identified as 27-year-old KJ Babu, reportedly went missing on March 15 last week. Following his disappearance, his mother, Padmini, 55, and brother, KJ Sabu, 25, lodged a missing person complaint with the Cherpu Police, the Times Of India reported.

However, Babu's body would be discovered a few days later, buried in a bushy area near the paddy field close to their house. The remains were first located by local residents after they saw stray dogs digging for something at the spot.

After inspecting the area, they found that the soil was loose. Upon further digging, they unearthed an arm jutting out of the pit. The group immediately informed the police about the discovery. The officers then responded to the scene and recovered the body.

After the gruesome discovery, a police dog led the authorities from the shallow grave to the house the victim shared with his brother and mother. Following this, the police became suspicious of Sabu and arrested the 25-year old man in connection with the murder of his brother. During the interrogation process, the suspect reportedly confessed to strangling his brother to death on March 15 evening, the Hindu reported.

According to Sabu, Babu frequently came home drunk and engaged in heated arguments with his family members. On late March 15, Babu again arrived home in an inebriated condition and broke several glass windows. As Sabu tried to intervene and reprimand his brother, Babu allegedly picked up a piece of broken glass and tried to attack his sibling.

A brawl subsequently escalated between the two before they stumbled and fell into a pit behind their family home. In a fit of rage, Sabu allegedly proceeded to strangle Babu to death. After killing his drunk brother, Sabu, with the help of his mother, buried Babu's body near the paddy field beside their house.

After the suspect's confession, the officers tried to question the mother to seek more information about the brutal crime. However, she reportedly quickly became ill and had to be rushed to a hospital.

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