An Indian man has been accused of viciously slitting his former girlfriend's throat in an attempt to kill her for avoiding him and later attempting to kill himself by hanging. The incident reportedly happened in Tamil Nadu, India on Sunday, Nov. 7.

The accused, identified as Ajith, was allegedly upset after his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend started avoiding him. The girl cited Ajith's behavior and opposition from her parents towards their relationship as reasons behind her change in attitude towards him.

On Sunday, Nov. 7, however, Ajith came over to the victim’s house on the pretext of a friendly meeting. However, a heated argument quickly erupted between the two of them while they were talking privately inside a room.

Hearing the victim's screams, the girl's family members rushed to open the door and reportedly found the girl bleeding from her neck. They saw Ajith standing next to her holding a bloodied knife in his hand. When they tried to apprehend Ajith, he ran away, entered another room in the same residence, and locked it from inside, DT Next reported.

The family members rushed the victim to the hospital for immediate treatment and alerted the officers regarding the crime. Law enforcement shortly responded to the scene and broke open the door of the room in which Ajith had locked himself. After forcing the door open, the authorities found Ajith hanging from the ceiling in an attempt to commit suicide. The officers intervened and rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The authorities have revealed that both the victim and the accused are now out of danger.

“Ajith had brought a knife with him and the woman suffered injuries on her hands while resisting his attack,” said an officer.

The officers have registered a case of attempted murder against Ajith. He will be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an Indian man allegedly slit his girlfriend's throat and killed her as revenge against her father for beating him up. The incident happened in Rajasthan, India on Oct. 8, Latin Times reported.

Radheshyam, father of the 19-year-old victim Puja Mehar, allegedly thrashed Juber, 22, and warned him to stay away from his daughter.

Mehar reportedly started making fun of Juber after he was beaten up by her father. This bruised his ego and spurred him to seek revenge against the father-daughter duo.

On the morning of Oct. 8, Juber followed Mehar as she went from her house to the fields. At around 11 a.m, while she was working with another woman on the field, Juber pulled the victim aside and proceeded to slash her throat with a knife, killing her on the spot, before fleeing the scene.

The police shortly launched a manhunt for the accused and subsequently arrested Juber about two hours after the crime. He has been charged with murder and stalking under the Indian Penal Code and the SC/ST (Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes) Act.

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