A man was allegedly stabbed to death by his two friends after the victim refused to hand over an expensive and ornate knife that he had bought in west Delhi, India on Saturday, Feb. 26.

On Saturday, Feb. 26, the victim, identified as 22-year-old Sanjay, received a call at around 10 p.m. from his friends, Pawan and Nikhil, inviting him for a round of drinks. When Sanjay reached their hangout, Pawan and Nikhil were already under the influence of alcohol.

While they were drinking, an argument ensued between Sanjay and Pawan regarding the new knife that Sanjay had bought. During the altercation, in a fit of rage, Pawan allegedly stabbed Sanjay with a knife in the stomach and fled the scene, NDTV reported.

Following the killing, Sanjay was immediately rushed to a hospital by his friend on a motorcycle. However, he succumbed to his wounds and died in the hospital soon after.

Following Sanjay's death, the officers launched an investigation into the incident and arrested Pawan and Nikhil after conducting several raids.

When the officers questioned the accused, they revealed that they were jealous of Sanjay, who had recently bought the expensive knife. Pawan wanted the knife for himself and had asked Sanjay several times to lend it to him. However, when Sanjay kept refusing, Pawan decided to take the knife from Sanjay after threatening him in front of his other friends, the Hindu reported.

Pawan then created a plan and called his friends including Sanjay for a round of drinks. While they were drinking, a quarrel broke out between him and Sanjay and Pawan stabbed him to death.

The authorities have registered a case of murder against the two accused based on the statements and the medico-legal report of the victim.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man allegedly brutally stabbed his father to death after the patriarch refused to give him a cigarette in Barpeta district, Assam, India on Tuesday, Feb. 22, Latin Times reported.

The accused, identified as Samsul Hoque, 30, allegedly asked his father Lalmiya, 50, to share with him a beedi to smoke. Beedi is a thin cigarette filled with tobacco flake and commonly wrapped in a tendu found in India.

However, after smoking the first beedi, Hoque asked his father for another one. Upon the suspect's second request, the father refused to share any more cigarettes and began verbally abusing his son. A heated argument quickly ensued between the two. During the confrontation, Hoque, in a fit of rage, pulled out a sharp weapon and began stabbing his father to death.

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