A man allegedly killed himself after his girlfriend cheated on him in Dungarpur district, Rajasthan, India on Monday, Aug. 8.

The deceased, identified only as 21-year-old Ranveer, a second-year college student, reportedly took his own life by hanging a noose from a tree on Monday, Aug. 8, after writing a four-page suicide note in which he recounted getting cheated on by his girlfriend, Times Now reported.

On Sunday, Aug. 7, Ranveer left his niece's house located in Mada village and headed to Dungarpur. He returned home sometime in the afternoon. Hours later, however, he left the residence at around 3 o'clock in the morning saying that he was heading to a friend’s place. The next day, Ranveer's body was found hanging from a tree in the middle of the fields on early Monday, Aug. 8.

A lengthy four-page suicide note was found in his possession. In the letter, the young man reportedly lamented about his partner.

“You wanted to see my corpse, then today for the last time, look at my corpse for the last time. I love you. Always be happy. I am going away from your life now, forever. You can now live with whomever you want to be,” he allegedly wrote in the note.

He also mentioned his parents in the letter, expressing how much he loved them and lied to them in the days before his suicide.

“My dear parents, I have been here for three-four days now, lying to you. Whenever you called, I told you I was at my friend’s place. I lied to you a lot mom papa. I love you mom I am your youngest son. You have loved me the most and I have grown so much. Now I am going away from you too,” his note continued.

After an autopsy at the district hospital's mortuary, Ranveer's body has been released to his family members.

Death by Hanging
A man reportedly killed himself by hanging after live-streaming the act on his Facebook account in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India on Tuesday, Oct 4. This is a representational image. Pixabay photo | ArtWithTammy

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