An Arizona man, who was arrested for threatening to set off a bomb during a botched bank robbery on Monday, admitted to authorities that he attempted the crime because he was behind on his rent and he wanted to buy a car.

Surveillance footage showed Anekin Genesis, 32, wearing a dark hoodie and a face mask, entering a bank in Glendale, Arizona on Monday afternoon, June 28, before passing a discrete demand letter to one of the institution's tellers. The handwritten note claimed that he had a bomb on his person and that we would detonate it if the employees did not cooperate and hand over money, Fox News reported.

Instead of complying with his demands, however, the scared employees proceeded to hide and duck into safety fearing for their lives. A frustrated Genesis left the bank empty-handed and fled on foot shortly after.

One of the bank's personnel immediately alerted authorities about the incident. Police arrived to respond to the attempted bank robbery near 43rd and Peoria avenues at around 3:40 p.m, KTAR News reported.

As cops cased and searched the premises, Genesis was found hiding behind bushes in a lot adjacent to the bank and was shortly taken into custody without incident. Glendale Police Department shared an officer's bodycam footage that recorded the video of the arrest.

Police reportedly recovered CCTV surveillance footage from the bank on the day of the incident that showed Genesis "pointing to his watch and telling bank employees they were running out of time."

A partially written demand note that Genesis had presumably written for another robbery attempt was recovered from the suspect's possessions, authorities said.

Upon initial questioning, Genesis confessed to his crime, saying that he had planned to rob the bank to pay for his overdue rent and buy a car, according to MSN.

Genesis was booked on one felony count of armed robbery.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a Tokyo woman, 36, was arrested on June 8 after brandishing a toy knife in a ridiculous attempted robbery at the Mizuho Bank, Ltd. headquarters in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan.

CCTV footage from the bank showed the unidentified woman casually entering the bank and walking up to a counter, before whipping out the toy knife and threatening a female employee to hand over an unspecified amount of money, Latin Times reported.

However, a male colleague reportedly noticed the fake blade, grabbed the woman's hand, and dislodged the toy knife. The bank then alerted law enforcement regarding the botched robbery and the suspect was restrained. No one was harmed during the ordeal.

The woman has been charged with attempted robbery. Police are trying to find her motive behind the botched crime.

Anekin Genesis, 32, reportedly entered a bank in Glendale, Arizona on Monday afternoon, June 28, passing a demand note to one of the institution's employees stating that he had a bomb and that he would detonate it if they did cooperate and hand over money. Glendale Police Department

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