Xavi the first Música Mexicana artist to claim Spotify's #1
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MIAMI - Mexican-American artist Xavi Latin music history this week: his latest single, "La Diabla," (Devil Woman) secured the #1 position on Spotify's Top 50 Global chart. It is the first time that a Música Mexicana artist claims the top spot on the leading music streaming platform in the world with a solo track.

While music industry experts describe him as the next Peso Pluma, Xavi seems to have both feet firmly planted on his mother's house in Phoenix, Arizona, where he still lives with his parents and five siblings.

The 19-year-old Mexican-American artist leans towards sierreño music, but his unique voice, cultural heritage, and personal experiences have allowed him to create a unique sound that resonates globally. He is one of the Latino artists to watch in 2024 for sure.

10 Things you need to know about Xavi

1. His real name: Joshua Xavier Gutiérrez. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona

2. Early Influences: Xavi grew up in a Mexican immigrant family from Nogales, Sonora, surrounded by music. With five siblings, he was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultural and musical influences. He began singing in church, where he developed a passion for music, saying, "I love Regional Mexicano, but in all honesty, I love to mix and sing everything."

3. Musical Breakthroughs: His singles "La Diabla" and "La Víctima" have topped national and global charts, with "La Diabla" making him the first Música Mexicana artist to claim the top spot on Spotify's Top 50 Global chart with a solo track.

4. Bicultural Identity: Xavi remains deeply connected to his roots, speaking more Spanish than English and infusing his music with the essence of his dual heritage.

5. Personal Dreams and Aspirations: His seeks not just musical success. He dreams of buying a home for his parents in Arizona and supporting his mother's dream of opening a taquería.

6. A Big Brother: Xavi has five siblings, an older brother, two little sisters, and two younger brothers. He often posts videos interacting with them.


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7. Artistic Influences: Xavi draws inspiration from artists like Darey Castro, especially in songs like "Poco a Poco." He admires Castro's vocals and credits him with influencing his musical style.

8. Overcoming Challenges: Xavi's journey hasn't been without obstacles. He once suffered a severe car accident, which left him with a facial injury and the fear that he might not walk or sing again. His recovery and return to music speak volumes about his resilience.

9. Celebrity Crush and Personal Quirks: Like many, Xavi harbors a celebrity crush – Camila Cabello. On a lighter note, he's not a fan of washing dishes.

10. Global Recognition: Beyond his chart-topping successes, Xavi has been a significant presence on Billboard's Latin Songwriter chart and was named a Hot 100 Artist in 2023.

His plans for 2024 include more music, including unexpected collaborations and his first tour.

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