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Tacos can be a great dish for a Mexican fiesta as all your guests can pick their filling of choice, from 'rajas con crema' to steak or barbacoa! Shutterstock/Joshua Resnick

Christmas is a holiday when family and friends set aside time to be together and celebrate. In any gatherings like this, food definitely a big part in the festivity and this is the same in Mexico.

Mexicans have family dinners that they call Noche Buena and this takes place during Christmas Eve. In the spirit of Christmas, here are 10 of the most popular Mexican Christmas food to prepare for the holiday feast:

Ensalada de Noche Buena

This is a Mexican Christmas Salad that has beets, lettuce, pineapple, nuts and more. The ingredients may vary depending on the preference of the family and this is served at the Christmas Eve dinner.

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Tamales is a kind of dumpling that can come with various fillings. This takes time to prepare so it is usually for special occasions only and the Mexicans make sure they have it on their table for the Christmas feast.

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This is also served during lent but for festivities like the holiday season, Mexicans add Romeritos in their menu. To make it more special and fit for Christmas, the locals it this together with shrimp cakes.

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Chicken Tamales in Salsa Verde

This is another popular Mexican Christmas Food. it is similar to the American’s stuffed turkey and it is cooked with ground beef and pork as the main ingredients. This is prepared in the way they cook Bacalao Navideño.

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Chicken Pozole Verde

Mexican chicken pozole verde
A delicious serving of Mexican chicken pozole verde. Shutterstock

This one of the Mexican’s favorite food for the holidays. This is a stew where shredded chicken is added to the hominy in a warm green chile broth.

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Pozole Rojo

This Mexican Christmas Food is a stew that is slow-cooked to get more flavor and texture. The pork is cooked until it becomes really tender. The pork is then mixed with the hominy, dried corn soaked in lime juice, onions and chilies for a bit of kick.

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This is a type of dessert that is light and crispy. Bunuelos are thin, fried pastries that the Latinos enjoy. As a Mexican Christmas Food, it is served with cinnamon, powdered sugar or warm sugar syrup. This is paired with hot cocoa during Noche Buenas.

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Tortas de Bacalao

Bacalao is always present in the Mexican Christmas feasts. This is like a pie made with salt cod and tomato-based sauce. The cod is enveloped with a soft bread roll and baked.

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Atole and Champurrado

This is one of the warm drinks during the Christmas season in Mexico. It is creamy, hot chocolate that is paired with corn-based tamales. It is perfect to keep warm in freezing weather.

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Pavo is a Mexican Christmas Food that is always at the center of the table during Noche Buenas. It is a turkey that is native to Mexico and they are simply roasted to perfection and served with a sauce called mole.

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