Brave Combat Federation (Brave CF) plans to stage another event in March although the fight cards have yet to be officially revealed.

So far, the only announced card is the one between Hamza Kooheji going up against Brad “Superman” Katona. That was appended recently with Brace CF President Mohammed Shahid appearing on a special episode of Sports Bytes Philippines hosted by this writer and Filipino professional boxer Rica “Baby Dynamite” Aquino.

Shahid had an extensive interview with the Filipino hosts about the promotion. The 32-year-old shared his plans as well as their outlook. However, it came to a point where two fighters were somehow drawn into the discussion.

“We definitely have a rematch, a long awaited story of a middleweight championship belt between Mohammed Fakhreddine and Mohame Said Maalem. This has been a funny situation, I don’t know how to put it but so many things have happened between them,” Shahid stated.

Funny in the sense that Shahid lauds the two middleweight fighters as being in a class of their own. He considers both legends but somehow animosity has been built with the two jawing on social media.

“They just hate each other for some reason. And the fights that these guys go on in social media. I don’t know where that hate comes from but they don’t like each other,” the former mixed martial artist explained. “The histories are there but then where is the hatred coming from? They are both legends and hate each other,” he added.

Although he is aware that he cannot dictate what happens next between Fakhreddine and Maalem, he wants to finish the story soon. Although both are fighting at Brave CF 57, it may be wishful thinking that there will be closure when a winner is declared for the co-main event.

“We need to finish the story here. Fight, win, and I hope nothing else happens. But you know what? I have a feeling that this drama does not end here. It’s something I’m not expecting. I don’t know what but I want this fight to happen,” Shahid quipped.

Brave CF President Mohammed Shahid
Brave CF President Mohammed Shahid Brave CF photo release

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