Even though the husband revealed he is gay three weeks into dating, a Mormon couple claims they are happily married.

Both Nicholas and Jordan Applegate are devout believers of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

They were childhood sweethearts who resumed their romance last year, despite Nicholas's admission that he is attracted to men.

Last November, the couple married in a church ceremony. This was only months after Nicholas came out as gay.

Reports said Nicholas and Jordan, who live in Arizona, described their relationship as "happy" and "normal."

Because dating doesn't start until people are older in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints (and sex before marriage is forbidden), he easily concealed his sexuality. That was the situation until he decided to marry a woman.

Despite knowing he was gay since he was 12, Nicholas was hesitant to tell Jordan right away.

He said: "It wasn't a topic that we talked about. I was still really young so it wasn't really a big thing at the time.

"When I started growing up, I started to realise how it would impact my life but I decided to ignore it," he added.

According to Nicholas, he decided to stay within the church and follow the principles before dating.

"I was really nervous and I didn't know how Jordan was going to take it," he said.

He claimed Jordan was taken aback upon opening up about his gender and had not expected it. But, before we went any further emotionally, he wanted to make sure Jordan knew the issue.

After telling Jordan about his gender, he requested her to go away and process it independently. So she went home and discussed it with her parents.

Then she concluded that she didn't mind because all she needed was someone to commit to her.

Jordan noted that neither of them understood how things would work out.

She recalled feeling adrift and searching the internet for stories of others in similar situations. Despite their differing sexual orientations, they knew it was the appropriate time to marry.

Another report said that Nicholas opened up about his gender and why he decided to marry Jordan in a candid Facebook post.

He stated that they were both quite content and that he would not change my decision. It is, according to Nicholas, a happy and normal marriage.

They have a lot in common, according to Nicholas. They both enjoy music, singing, watching TV together, going to the movies, and eating together.

He also mentioned how well they communicate. It's a really personal and emotional bond for them.

When it was revealed that Nicholas is gay, many in the church were taken aback. Their churchmates, on the other hand, were inspired mainly by the sacrifices he was making.

Jordan said they couldn't be happier now that she is about to give birth to her first child soon.

According to Jordan, this is the life they had both wished for and chosen.

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