Caught in a macabre “Tell-Tale Heart” situation, two Pennsylvanian parents have been arrested on Thursday, Nov. 4, after they admitted to having hidden their dead infant behind their bedroom wall after their child died in February 2020.

Twenty-five-year-old mother Kylie Wilt from Charleroi has been arrested on Thursday for concealing the death of a child, abuse of a corpse, and obstruction of justice, among other raps, after the remains of 1-year-old baby Wilt were found behind a bedroom wall in her home, CBS affiliate KDKA reported.

Child Youth Services were investigating Wilt after medical professionals said that THC, a component of cannabis, was found in the baby’s system during birth.

An investigator asked her on Thursday where her child was after the authorities were able to prove that the infant was not in North Carolina as she had claimed. When police officers were summoned to the scene, Wilt finally admitted that her dead baby was hidden behind her house’s walls, Law&Crime reported.

Wilt has said that the infant died in February 2020 due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and that because they didn’t have money to bury the child, they wrapped the newborn with a blanket, put the body in a crate, and hid it in the wall of their house after covering it up with newly-added drywall.

Through a warrant obtained by the police, the authorities found the body of the child exactly as the mother had told them. The police also arrested the child’s father Alan Hollis, who is believed by Wilt’s sister to have been an abusive partner.

Wilt’s neighbor, Robin Stasicha, said that she grew suspicious of the couple after the baby’s cries, that she had heard all the time, suddenly stopped. She was said to have reported this to the property manager, who told her that the baby passed away.

“I told her I hadn’t seen the baby and I was concerned, and she said the baby passed away,” she said. “I was thinking, I’m here all the time. I never saw an ambulance. Wouldn’t you call 911 if your baby wasn’t responding to you?”

An autopsy is being performed on the child to confirm their cause of death.

Kylie Wilt, a 25-year-old mother from Charleroi, Pennsylvania, has been arrested on Thursday for hiding the corpse of her dead infant child behind her house's walls. This is a representational image. freestocks/Unsplash.

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