A 28-year-old Indian mother who sold her newborn baby for money was robbed on her way back home.

The woman, identified as Yasmin, a resident of Chennai city in Tamil Nadu, India, filed a complaint alleging that she was robbed of Rs 2,5,0000 ($ 3330 approx.), the money she received after selling her one-week-old son.

Yasmin told the police she suspected a woman, identified as Jayageetha, who had allegedly facilitated the deal, behind the robbery.

According to the police, Yasmin met the accused woman at a hospital.

Yasmin, already a mother of one, was pregnant with her second child and was at the hospital to abort the baby as she was finding it hard to make ends meet after her husband had left her, the Times of India reported.

At the hospital, Jayageetha reportedly talked Yasmin out of her decision to abort the child and convinced her to sell the baby in return for a satisfying amount.

Yasmin gave birth to a baby boy at a government hospital on Nov. 21. The mother and son were discharged a week later.

After the delivery, Jayageetha contacted Yasmin and told her to bring the baby to a location near Purasawalkam High Road in the city on Sunday, Nov.30.

Jayageetha reportedly introduced Yasmin to a woman named Dhanam, who was waiting at the location with two unidentified men.

As discussed, Yasmin handed over the baby to Dhanam after collecting the money that they had agreed upon.

Dhanam also made Yasmin sign a blank white paper as a 'bond' under the deal, police said.

Yasmin then left the place with her older daughter unaware that she was being followed by the two men.

Once they reached an isolated location, the men snatched the cash from her and fled, Yasmin said in her complaint.

The police have registered a case and an investigation is underway, authorities said.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a father allegedly murdered his toddler son after his attempts to sell the child went in vain.

The suspect, Mohammad Noushad, who hails from the Amroha district in India’s Uttar Pradesh, was arrested on July 28, after his father-in-law filed a complaint alleging him of murdering his grandson.

Based on the complaint, the police interrogated the suspect’s wife, Nazrana, who told police that her husband was an alcoholic and wanted to sell the child for money to gamble and get rich.

On the day of the incident, Naushad sent Nazrana to borrow a phone charger from a neighbor. She became suspicious and returned quickly to find Naushad choking the child.

The mother rushed her baby boy to a nearby hospital, however, doctors declared him dead on arrival.

"To get rid of his poverty, he wanted to sell his son. When he could not find a buyer, he choked his one-year-old child to death in frustration," Station house officer (SHO) Jaiveer Singh said.

Noushad was arrested and has been sent to jail, the SHO added.

A newborn baby reportedly died of hypothermia in India on Tuesday after her 14-year-old mother, a rape victim, dumped the infant in a vacant lot after giving birth to her. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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