The devastated mother of the teenage Burger King cashier killed during an armed robbery in January has pleaded with President Joe Biden to end gun-related crimes in New York City. Kristie Nieves, the grieving mom of 19-year-old Kristal Bayron-Nieves has sought legal representation to file a lawsuit against the fast-food chain where her daughter worked at the time she was killed.

According to Fox News, the 36-year-old mother said she wanted to tell Biden to change the system and take the homeless out of the streets especially in the Big Apple where most places have been run over by homeless people camped out in front of buildings and business establishments.

"I want to tell the president that this is what happened to my daughter and this should not happen to any other child," Nieves said as she spoke through a Spanish interpreter.

While at the office of her civil attorney Sanford Rubenstein, Nieves went to address Biden and said, "We need to get the guns off the streets so no one goes through this."

As Nieves grieves her daughter's in a senseless death, the city seems to have gone on the brink of violent incidents sweeping across the Big Apple since Mayor Eric Adams was sworn in on Jan. 1.

Five New York City Police Department (NYPD) cops have since been shot while a baby girl suffered a gunshot to the face and a woman was killed by a mentally ill man who pushed her in front of an oncoming train in the subway. President Biden announced his visit to New York to meet with Adams with an agenda to discuss the troubling spike of violence in the city.

The teenage Burger King cashier who died of a gunshot wound to the stomach during her shift was killed by a homeless man who was a former employee of the same store. Nieves’ lawyer had been informed that the said Burger King branch often hired staff from the same homeless shelter the alleged shooter was housed.

The victim’s family said the teenage girl had often complained about her late-night shift and feared for her safety due to the vagrants that abound in the neighborhood, citing homeless people sleeping in front of the store and the store lacking security.

Nieves implored her grief on Biden saying that the city has become a dangerous playground of criminals. "We need to change a lot of laws, we need more police and there is so much crime," she said. "We need to do whatever it takes to get the guns off the streets."

A close-up of a Burger King sign
A close-up of a Burger King sign on November 16, 2020 in Cardiff, Wales. Many UK businesses are announcing job losses due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images