Bad Bunny and Anuel before Toki
Courtesy Anuel AA/Instagram Stories

For years, fans of urban Latin music, specifically Latin trap and reggaeton, have speculated about a rivalry between Anuel AA and Bad Bunny. Tensions seemed to escalate in December after the release of "Pa' siempre," a song by El Conejo with Tainy, in which he dismisses the title of "King of Trap" in favor of being a more successful artist overall.

Many people thought he was referring to Anuel, who called out Bad Bunny, saying he was a "hypocrite," among other things. Bad Bunny attempted to defuse the situation with a conciliatory text message to Anuel, stating, "Here there is no hatred, and there never will be."

However, the dynamic may have shifted following the release this week of Anuel AA's new track "Toki," where he sharply criticizes Bad Bunny, drawing severe comparisons to Diddy.

The serious accusation against Bad Bunny

Anuel's latest technique to draw attention to his music has been to deliver tracks that create controversy with other artists. The 2023 song "Mejor que yo," with more than obvious references to Karol G and Feid, is the first one that comes to mind.The Christmas 'tiraera' with Arcángel is another one. However, this time seems very different and is coming out of nowhere.

In "Toki," with Casper Magico, Luar La L, and Izaak, Anuel sings: "Kendall dejó a Bad Bunny por lo mismo que Cassie dejó a Diddy (Kendall left Bad Bunny for the same reason that Cassie left Diddy.)"

He is referring to Casandra Ventura, the R&B singer known as Cassie, who accused her ex boyfriend and ex boss Diddy (Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy) of sex trafficking, human trafficking, sexual battery, sexual assault, and gender-motivated violence, among other things. She legally sued him for alleged sexual assault, physical abuse, and more in November of last year. When they settled out of court, Diddy and his team insisted this was not an admission of guilt.

Of course, Latin urban music fans have all kinds of opinions about Anuel AA's lyrics and its meaning. Many are accusing him of jelousy towards Bad Bunny and are more than aware that the song is coming out just two days before El Conejo is making history as the first Puerto Rican co-chair of the Met Gala.

Others are wondering if the sentence is in reference to the long-standing speculation about Bad Bunny's sexuality.

Knowing Anuel, he will explain it soon enough.

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