World Cup fever is increasing among Mexican fans, and Nuevo Leon is a strong example. The state, of which Monterrey is the captial, has seen the football field join the family after the Civil Registry of the State revealed that 329 children were registered under the name of the star striker of the Brazilian national team, Neymar. Treviño Gilberto Aguirre, Director of the agency, announced that this practice is common when a high impact competition like the World Cu is being held which has had so much media exposure. 

In addition to Neymar, the star striker of the national team of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo and the superstar number 10 from the Argentinian team, Lionel Messi, will also have a number of kids with their names: the registry has so far reported 33 children with Ronaldo's name and 15 with the Barcelona player's name, according to information from La Jornada. The World Cup in Brazil 2014, which has left many joys and sorrows, will also leave hundreds of "namesakes" of three of the biggest stars that were reported to shine on Brazilian soil. 

Neymar has of course been the biggest name in the World Cup. Not only for his star performance in getting his team through to the finals, but also for his tragic demise. Neymar was injured after a clash with Colombia's Camilo Zuniga and was sadly taken out of the remainder of the tournament. That didn't stop him from being at the match yesterday. Even though Brazilians faced a very harsh defeat, thousands of Brazilian fans arrived at the stadium wearing Neymar masks in response to the hashtag #todosSomosNeymar.