A 31-year-old woman, who was infatuated with her female boss, was arrested and charged with stalking, making threats to murder and possessing an offensive weapon after allegedly attacking her senior with a hammer.

Naomi Wheeler's obsession started with Heather Wilkinson, a cleaner manager at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park in Filey, UK after misinterpreting her text messages, which she concluded with a "x," and sent out to all her staff members.

York Crown Court in England recently heard that Wheeler started a terrifying stalking campaign that involved her bombarding Wilkinson with calls and text messages. She even sent her boss a card that had her “scent on it," reported Yorkshire Post.

Wheeler, who had been working at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park since April 2018, had been referred to a clinical psychologist to "work with her on relationships and help manage her emotions," said prosecutor Gerald Hendron. She told the psychiatrist that she planned to murder Wilkinson by "stoving her head in" and also "hammer to death" one of her former teachers, who taught her at a secondary school, according to Daily Mail.

Wheeler's "detailed plans" included drawing maps and doing Google searches. She had also thought of how to use a hammer to strike Wilkinson, said Hendron. When she joined Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, there was no problem with her work or behavior and Wilkinson did her job as a manager and "looked after her."

Later Wheeler started misinterpreting Wilkinson's text messages. According to Hendron, she thought that was "Wilkinson wanting to be more intimate with her." He added that Wheeler even told a colleague that she was in love with her boss. The employee passed on the information to Wilkinson who maintained a professional relationship with Wheeler, but tried to avoid her outside work.

But last year, things got escalated and Wheeler's "infatuation" with her manager turned into an "obsession." She started sending several text messages to Wilkinson, asking if she could come back to work at the holiday park. The text messages were ignored by Wilkinson, and she did not hear from her again until March this year. This time Wheeler sent her "nasty" text messages and messages on Facebook.

The court was told that Wheeler had also been "obsessing over her ex-teacher for 14 years." Hendron told the court that Wheeler said that she planned to carry out those attacks when she had finished the appointment with her psychiatrist, who told her to wait in his room. That time he called cops, but when he returned, she had already left.

After the appointment, Wheeler, who was wearing black Gothic make-up, a black leather coat and boots, went looking for Wilkinson at the holiday park with a hammer that was kept in a bag. She was about to strike her boss with the hammer when a staff member came and took her to ground. Wheeler was taken to Scarborough Police Station and checked by a psychiatric nurse who she told "once she gets out of here, no one is safe." She told cops that the cleaning job at the holiday park was her "dream job," but she would become "obsessed with people" and "took rejection badly."

Wheeler was sentenced to prison for four years, told to serve an extended two-year period on licence after being released from jail and is also banned from contacting the two victims.

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