In certain regions of the world, there are various ways to handle stray animals. In Malaysia, seeing stray dogs is something they don’t take lightly. However, their manner of handling has recently drawn backlash.

The Majlis Perbandaran Kulim, Kedah (MPKK) were caught on video trying to deal with a stray. While it is common knowledge that dogs are not welcomed openly by certain communities in Malaysia, the inhuman way they treated a stray dogs has been condemned by animal rights groups.

In the video captured by Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar Malaysia (SAFM) via Facebook, it could be seen how MPKK staff members pinned down a canine and then euthanized it publicly.

“The killing of stray animals is not the last resort to solving this problem, and in fact, there are many other ways the municipal council can go to solving this. If these stray animals disrupt the lives of the locals, there are many more initiatives that the relevant parties can take besides ‘KILLING’,” their post read.

Before euthanizing the dog, the officers held down the dog in what appeared to be an improvised pitchfork. The dog could be heard crying for help as it was being held down. The dog was also kicked by some of the staff members before it was lethally injected.

When the video went viral, Rajesh Nagarajan of the Lawyers for Animal Rights group made it clear that they intend to send a letter of demand to MPKK and get an official report on the incident.

“The MPKK officers then proceeded to kick the dog with their boots. After some time, the yelping stopped and the dog had either died or was heavily injured by the violent acts of the MPKK officers,” part of their statement read.

SAFM has called for action to stop these killings. Stray dogs may not be welcome by most but there are better ways to deal with them than the plight of the recent stray went through.

“This action should be stopped immediately, or many more dogs will be killed, if this is not taken seriously by the community. Sympathy and empathy for street animals can give them a second chance at a better life,” SAFM stated.

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