Olivia Munn
Actress Olivia Munn poses for a portrait while promoting the film "The Babymakers" in Los Angeles, July 24, 2012. Reuters

Creator of the popular HBO show “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin stepped up to defend one of his cast members over rumors the actress was creating a “poisonous atmosphere” on set. Olivia Munn plays Sloan Sabbith, a beautiful and brilliant yet sometimes socially awkward economist and financial news anchor. Rumors started by sources for Radar Online said that Munn was butting heads with Sorkin as well as Jeff Daniels who plays Will McAvoy the show’s main character. The unnamed source told Radar Online that Munn’s “know it all attitude” was irritating the cast.

E! News is reporting that Aaron Sorkin issued to them an exclusive statement saying the rumor of friction on set between he and Munn is false. “The story bears no resemblance to reality,” Sorkin told E! News. “Olivia is a perfect cast member who is loved and respected by the entire cast, by the crew and the producers, by HBO and especially by me.” Munn also helped to combat the rumor by taking to Twitter saying it “sucks” reading falsehoods written about you. She then expressed gratitude to her friends for sticking up for her.

Munn’s character is one of the wittiest of the show’s cast. She could easily be considered fan favorite due to her style, grace, sense of humor and hilarious one-liners. It is also the vulnerable side of Sloan Sabbath that fans seem to love and now that she and character Don Keefer played by Thomas Sadoski have started to kindle the romance that had been budding between them fans should be excited to see what is in store for “The Newsroom” in season three.

Season three of “The Newsroom” is still in limbo with HBO and Sorkin still working out scheduling conflicts. Cast members including Daniels are looking to get back on set and back to work on “The Newsroom.” Daniels went on Twitter and prematurely confirmed the show’s definite return to HBO. The network then sent out a tweet of their own clarifying that the show’s return was still being negotiated. While backstage at the Emmy’s Daniels told reporters, “We’re going to come back, we just don’t know when yet.”

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