A Malaysian mother recently spoke out about her 9-year-old son's bad habit of wasting food.

"A few weeks ago, he tried [to dump his food into the trash secretly] but was caught. His father asked him, "you don't like to eat this, so what do you like to eat?"," Ah Lee said in the video posted on Facebook. According to World of Buzz, their son said he likes to eat pizza.

The Malaysian mom went on to say that the child's lifestyle would have been much less nutritious if he throws away his rice to consume sweets and drink Coke to satisfy his appetite.

Sure enough, by the fourth day of the one-week pizza challenge, their son was sick of eating pizza and said he felt like throwing up. Through this, he completed the task and managed to eat pizza for the remainder of the week. She claims that her son has now learned his lesson and no longer wastes food.

"Now, when he is unhappy with the food he is served, I ask him, “Do you want pizza?," she said.

Children often need more than a gentle reprimand to learn how to break bad habits. The post drew a lot of attention from the internet, with over 2,600 shares as of this writing.

She explained that she and her husband did not spend a week with their son eating pizza. She mentioned that one week is sufficient. People must realize that it is three meals—even pizza for breakfast, according to the parent.

"One week is enough. You have to understand, it’s three meals-even pizza for breakfast. You must really have quite the stomach," she said.

She also urged other parents to use their best judgment and exercise caution before participating in this experiment. Meanwhile, she claims that her child has a strong physique and will handle it. She also expressed concern that the child would catch laosai (diarrhea).

If your child often makes a fuss at mealtimes, Parent Tune shared tips on how to feed your kids on this link and learn a few simple tricks to ensure that your child understands the value of not wasting his or her food.

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